Seven Easy Steps For Bed Bug Prevention In Dallas

A bed bug up close

Bed bugs are these tiny, reddish-brown bugs that feed on blood meals to survive. When seen by the naked eye, an adult bed bug can be about the size of an apple seed, but its lifecycle begins with eggs. Bed bugs then go through five molting nymph stages until they reach adulthood and blood meals are necessary for each molting.

You may be picturing a skin-crawling image in your head, but this is how bed bugs feed and grow, and it’s happening right inside our beds. With Dallas being a tourist-attractive city, bed bug activity is happening all around us. Keep bed bugs out of your home with pest control In Dallas.

Why Are Bed Bugs A Problem For Dallas Residents?

Dallas is a city rooted in rich history, farming, ranching, oil production, and football– did someone say ‘Cowboys!’ Not to mention, Dallas is a mecca of endless job opportunities. These wonderful features have people relocating and visiting the city. In fact, in 2020 alone, 75,000 people moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, and the city ranked number one in the United States labor market last year.

However, that’s not necessarily good news for Dallas residents. Because the city is an ever-growing major tourist destination and robust employment hub, it raises the issue of bed bugs

Dallas is practically a giant buffet for bed bugs to live off blood meals until the end of their lifecycle, from hotels and rideshares to used furniture and luggage. Fortunately, Lonestar Safe Pest is your solution to bed bugs. We won’t give bed bugs a chance to reach the end of their lifecycle and will eradicate new ones!

Seven Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Dallas Homeowners

Your home is your safe place as a homeowner, but it’s no longer safe when bed bugs enter. You may suffer itchy bites, bumps, and loss of sleep, but instituting preventive measures will go a long way. Take a look at these seven prevention tips:

  • Check the entire room when staying in travel accommodations, especially the mattress and bedding.
  • Always wash and dry new or used clothing after purchase before wearing. Remember to wash and dry on the highest heat setting.
  • Regularly vacuum your home and declutter.
  • Wash your sheets and bedding regularly.
  • Place bed-bug-proof protective covers on your mattress and box spring.
  • Avoid buying used furniture, if possible.
  • Keep your clothes, bags, coats, and other personal belongings off the floor when in public locations or accommodations.

These seven tips are significant preventive measures to reduce your risk of bringing bed bugs into your home and keeping them away. However, these methods are only effective in combination with bed bug control. At Lonestar Safe Pest, we are the best pest control to kill bed bugs near you. 

Why Professional Bed Bug Treatment Is Worth It

Have you ever tried to kill a bug with a type of spray but then saw more of the same bug that you just killed? We’ve all been there: reliant on bug sprays that don’t get to the root cause of the infestation. With professional pest control, you can rest assured that you won’t see any more bed bugs once your home receives treatment.

Call Lonestar Safe Pest For Professional Bed Bug Control In Dallas

Bed bugs are not only a blood-feeding nuisance, but they’re also disruptors of sleep. At Lonestar Safe Pest, we know their favorite hiding places, which will allow us to get to the root of your infestation and eradicate them. Please don’t go through another sleepless night from itching or anxiety; call us to request your free inspection.