Mosquito Identification & Prevention

What are mosquitoes?

There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes living worldwide, making them formidable pests. Mosquitoes have slender bodies with hairy wings and extended, piercing mouthparts they use for feeding. Plant nectar is the primary source of food for both females and males; female mosquitoes consume blood meals from people and animals to get the protein they require to create viable eggs. Mosquitoes can take over any property they decide to breed on, as they are prolific breeders .

a mosquito crawling on a mesh cover outside of a home

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Because of the variety of hosts they feed on, mosquitoes can spread several diseases – making them very dangerous pests. Some of the problems associated with mosquitoes include the following:

  • The spread of West Nile virus, encephalitis, the Zika virus, chikungunya, and dengue in the U.S.
  • Parasitic heartworm transfers to dogs which can be fatal.
  • Itchy bites that may lead to secondary infections from excessive scratching.
  • The spread diseases like malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever in developing and tropical countries.

Why do I have a mosquito problem?

Texas properties with suitable breeding grounds or near breeding grounds will have problems with mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on, and the larvae develop in areas of standing water. Natural breeding sites include ponds, marshes, and densely wooded areas. Females also breed in standing water that collects in gutters, buckets, trash cans, wading pools, and flower pots.

Where will I find mosquitoes?

Most species of mosquitoes are active at dawn and dusk when the weather is the coolest, although it is important to note that some species are daytime biters and active during the heat of the day. When active, either foraging for food from plants or obtaining a blood meal, they swarm around areas of standing water, gardens, and people or animals. Those that rest during the heat of the day usually do so along fence lines, under tree canopies, in tall grass, or areas of dense vegetation.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

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How can I prevent mosquitoes in the future?

Protect your Texas property from mosquitoes with a combination of our professional mosquito control services and our helpful prevention tips:

  • Repair any loose or torn screens to prevent mosquitoes from finding their way inside your home.

  • Store containers that collect water upside down when not in use.

  • Keep grass cut short and cut back overgrown vegetation.

  • Fix leaky pipes, outdoor faucets, and hoses.

  • Keep gutters free of debris that will allow water to pool.

  • Eliminate any areas of standing water from your property.

  • Avoid spending time outside when most mosquitoes are most active, usually at dawn and dusk.

  • Limit the amount of flowering vegetation plant on your property, especially close to your home’s exterior.


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