Wildlife Control In Fort Worth, TX

Keep Wildlife In The Wild

When you think of pest control, you probably first think of bugs. Most pest control does focus on insects because they are the most common home invaders. However, sometimes larger animals find their way indoors. If you are experiencing problems with local wildlife such as rodents, skunks, or raccoons, you may wonder where to look for help. Your Dallas, TX wildlife experts at Lonestar Safe Pest offer wildlife control services that will safely and humanely eliminate these pests from your home safely and humanely.

Our Wildlife Control Offerings

an opossum crawling in the grass outside of a home

When wildlife has made itself at home in or around your house, you need the help of professionals. Not only do DIY elimination methods often not work, but they can also be dangerous. Lonestar Safe Pest will remove the animals that are causing you problems, as well as provide services to ensure they can’t get back inside. We treat for the following wildlife:

  • Mice

  • Rats

  • Squirrels

  • Skunks

  • Possums

  • Raccoons

First, we provide trapping and release services. We’ll set out traps that we check once a week until all wildlife is removed from your home. Once all the wildlife is gone, we provide exclusion services. We’ll inspect your home to identify where wildlife is getting in, as well as areas that could become entry points in the future. Our exclusion work seals up these areas, making them inaccessible to wildlife in the future. If you are a current customer with Lonestar Safe Pest, your exclusion work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We also provide sanitation services. When wildlife gets into your home, they leave urine, and fecal matter behind that can cause health problems for your family. We will clean out the affected areas, including removing and replacing damaged insulation.

Protecting Your Home & Family From DFW Wildlife

Wildlife can cause illness, damage your property, and bring dangerous parasites into your house. Removing them, ensuring that they can’t get back in, and sanitizing the areas where they’ve been is important in keeping your home and family safe. Lonestar Safe Pest’s wildlife control services will do just that. Contact us to schedule a service visit or learn more about our Dallas-Fort Worth home pest control and commercial pest control programs.


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