What Professionals Want Frisco Property Owners To Know About Bed Bug Control

a bed bug crawlng on a bedroom floor

Many pests spark dread or a sense of defeat when property owners become aware of them. Arguably, the most cringe-worthy pests are bed bugs. These small insects are flat and round and grow to two to three millimeters long. They’re brown and look similar to an apple seed at first glance.

Bed bugs desire to live in a room-temperature environment, which makes both homes and offices automatic targets. The darker and more comfortable the environment, the more likely they are to nest. They prefer to take up residence near their hosts which is why you often find them in large numbers in beds or upholstered furniture.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. Whether it’s a suitcase, backpack, or another item, they can hitch a ride without you knowing. This makes early detection difficult to accomplish.

Signs Of An Infestation

It doesn’t matter what kind of building you’re in, bed bugs can easily invade. That’s why it pays to understand the signs of an infestation so you can get ahead of the problem. Look carefully for the following indicators of bed bug activity:

  • Live or dead bugs: This is the most obvious sign of an infestation you can have. Even a single bed bug indicates an infestation. These insects will reproduce quickly and ceaselessly.
  • Shed skins or eggs: If you don’t see the bed bugs themselves, you may see the skin they leave behind or the eggs they lay. While not an automatic identifier, it’s still a good indication you have a bed bug problem.
  • Red itchy spots: If you, your family, or your co-workers are reporting these itchy spots, it’s time to be alert. While this sign alone isn’t enough to determine if its bed bugs, it’s certainly a useful one to help narrow the choices down. Look for a row of spots located blood vessels to better determine if bed bugs bit you or someone else.
  • Check the furniture: Whether it’s a home or the break room, there’s always furniture. You must check the furniture for bloodstains when you suspect an infestation. Bites from a bed bug come with an anticoagulant that prevents clotting, which means there should be droplets present.

DIY Control Is Nearly Impossible

There are some methods for bed bug control that will mitigate your risk of developing a bed bug problem. You must do your best to keep these bugs away as DIY bed bug control is virtually impossible. They will hitchhike into your home and travel from room to room searching from a food source.

Some prevention tips to consider include:

  • Furniture inspection: It may be tempting to save money by purchasing used furniture, but these items may unknowingly harbor bed bugs. Be sure to carefully inspect all used furniture before bringing it into your home.
  • Clean Regularly: Make sure all clutter, dust, dirt, and other debris are swept up. Wipe down countertops after meals and vacuum your home regularly.
  • Travel Carefully: When traveling, inspect hotel rooms for bed bug activity. Lift mattresses and look for signs of bed bugs including bloodstains or shed skin. After returning home, wash your belongings in hot water and dry them in high heat. You can unknowingly pick up bed bugs in any public location.
  • Since bed bugs are small and multiply rapidly, it’s not feasible to attempt bed bug control on your own.

Furthermore, to eliminate an infestation, you must remove every single bed bug. It takes a concerted effort to exterminate this pest, which can only be accomplished with a professional pest control company trained to handle bed bugs.

Bed Bug Control With Lonestar Safe Pest

When it comes to bedbugs, it’s all about the procedure. Bed bugs can’t handle extreme heat or certain chemicals. That’s why we offer a liquid chemical treatment along with heat spotting treatments for a perfect one-two combination that delivers the results you need. Before we get started, we carefully inspect the premises to determine if you have an infestation. If we discover bed bugs, we figure out the extent of the infestation and where they are living. Once we have the answers, we come up with a plan tailored to your specific needs and deliver a treatment you can trust.

Do you need bed bug control services for your Frisco home or business? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.