The Key To Effective Wasp Control For Dallas, TX Properties

wasps sitting on a nest

The Dallas, TX area is full of annoying pests nearly all year round thanks to the warmth most of the year. However, as summer draws near the intensity of some pests goes into overdrive. For example, wasps are that much busier and require a little more attention to stay on top of than any other time of year.

Common Wasp Species In Dallas, TX

  • Paper Wasp: This wasp has long legs, a pinched waist, a smooth stinger, and grayish wings. While not hyper-aggressive, they are territorial so care is needed.
  • Cicada Killer: This species of wasp is a large one and they possess red and black bodies with a yellow band around the abdomen.
  • Mud Daubers: Mud daubers have metallic coloring and are known as solitary wasps. For this reason, you'll hardly ever see them near other wasps. While they're relatively docile, they can be bullied out of their nest, so never assume it's safe to mess with a mud dauber nest.
  • Ground Wasps: As their name implies, this species makes its nest in the ground. One particular example is the yellowjacket, which is an extremely aggressive species of wasp. You can recognize them by their yellow and black bodies.

What Attracts The Wasps?

Wasp behavior may seem random, but in truth, they're hovering on your property for a reason. While there are a few, the main reason is something is attracting them. Some of the most potent attraction factors are:

  • Sugary Drinks: Your soda, juice, water with sweetener, and other similar beverages are beacons for wasps since they like sugar a lot. All it takes is leaving the drink out or spilling without immediately cleaning up the mess for them to come around.
  • Food: Human food and pet food are both guilty of attracting wasps to your yard, which is why they're always around at outdoor events that have food. They also hang around if your pet's food bowl is full for a length of time.
  • Certain Plants: Wasps are also partial to what's found in nature. Some plants like citronella and ferns are extra attractive. If you have these plants on your property, be prepared for an infestation.

Keep The Attraction Down

With the attraction points identified, it becomes easier to prevent wasps from making your home their home. Some of the easiest ways to get an edge on this task include:

  • Proper Food Storage: If wasps like your food or your pet's food, then all you need to do is to store your food properly so they can't get to the food. Without easy access, the wasps will be less interested in staying.
  • Yard Time: Make sure to maintain control of your yard. Mow the grass, trim the hedges, and definitely make sure to remove any plants attracting those wasps like ferns and other plants.
  • Standing Water: More than anything else, this is the one step that must be done to have a fighting chance. Wasps need water and that means if you eliminate accessible water sources like standing water or a clogged gutter, ¬†wasps will find somewhere else to stay.

Keep The Wasps Away With Lonestar Safe Pest

Pests are bad news no matter what kind invades your Dallas, TX property. In the case of wasps, you run the risk of being stung repeatedly, which can cause problems like anaphylactic shock. To keep you safe and prevent this occurrence our team at Lonestar Safe Pest is ready to deliver the protection you need to maintain a pest-free home. 

Do you need wasp control services? Then give our team at Lonestar Safe Pest a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.