Expert Tips For Successful Wolf Spider Elimination In Dallas/Fort Worth

wolf spider in home

Do you think Texans exaggerate when they say everything is bigger there? Maybe not. The "Big D" (Dallas) is the ninth-largest city in the country. Close by the "Big D" is Fort Worth. While Fort Worth has a similar metropolitan vibe to Dallas, it still keeps its boots connected to its Western roots. Another thing both Dallas and Fort Worth have in common is one big spider—the wolf spider. Without local spider control services, encounters with these intimidating pests can produce significant distress within Dallas/Fort Worth homes.

How To Spot A Wolf Spider Problem In Your Home

Wolf spiders in Texas are hard to miss due to their scary appearance and large bodies. Since they don't spin webs, typically, a homeowner's first inclination that they're inside their home is when they dart out of their hiding place and race across the floor. These spiders are shy and prefer to hunt down their prey at night (their night vision is excellent), so people typically don't run into them until they start cleaning closets, pulling out stored items, and clearing items under furniture; they also like to hide under floorboards.

Additionally, wolf spiders that mate indoors produce loads of babies (which moms carry on their backs). As populations expand indoors, homeowners will likely start seeing an unwanted increase in wolf spider encounters without help from a trusted pest professional like Lonestar Safe Pest.

Do Wolf Spiders Bite?

Like most spiders, wolf spiders typically choose to run away from people rather than have a confrontation with them. But when wolf spiders feel threatened, you try to handle them, or they accidentally get trapped against your skin—watch out! Wolf spiders will bite. While their bites can cause significant pain, their venom is not life-threatening.

Venom from a wolf spider can cause redness and swelling, but symptoms should resolve within a week. Cleansing the bite area with mild soap and water and applying antibiotic ointment to the wound can help prevent infection. Cool compresses, elevation, and over-the-counter pain relievers can help with pain and swelling, and antihistamines can reduce itchiness.

Encounters with a wolf spider can be painful, so removing them from homes is essential. At Lonestar Safe Pest, we offer spider removal solutions that can eliminate wolf spiders and leave those living inside your home more at ease.

Wolf Spider Prevention: Steps To Keep Them Out

Wolf spiders are most at home in their natural habitat, but they will get cozy indoors when the opportunity arises. The best way to keep wolf spiders out of Dallas/Fort Worth homes is by implementing a few easy prevention measures.

Steps homeowners can use to keep wolf spiders out of their homes include the following:

  • Keeping door/window screens in good repair
  • Placing door sweeps under ill-fitting doors
  • Replacing cracked weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Caulking any gaps, cracks, and crevices (inside/outside)
  • Keeping clutter indoors to a minimum
  • Removing yard debris and ensuring stacked firewood stays at least 20 feet away from homes
  • Addressing other pest issues that attract spiders indoors

Sometimes, no matter how proactive you get, wolf spiders will still manage to get indoors. If they do circumvent your defensive measures, you'll need help. Lonestar Safe Pest offers spider treatments and customized prevention plans that can help get rid of spiders from homes and keep them out.

Experience Peace Of Mind: Choose Professional Wolf Spider Control

Since wolf spiders are common spiders in Texas, choosing to partner with a professional for spider control services is wise and can help provide peace of mind. Lonestar Safe Pest is a family-owned company with deep ties to the Dallas/Fort Worth community; we understand the area's unique pest needs. Customer service is our top priority, meaning we'll do the job right, even if it takes extra time; we guarantee it. Lonestar Safe Pest can and will defend your home and family from pest infestations; call us today to learn more about our spider removal services.