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a bed bug crawling in the carpet

Are Bed Bugs In Dallas Dangerous?


It’s not common knowledge that bed bugs pose various medical threats. Continue reading to learn how these insects can impact your health, and what Lonestar Safe Pest can do to get rid of them in Dallas... Read More

ants crawling on a tree

What You Need To Know To Keep Ants Away From Your Dallas Property


Nothing ruins a party or some outdoor fun like ants in the birthday cake or someone’s kid stepping in a fire ant mound. However, the more you know about the common ants that plague the Dallas area, the better chance you may have at protecting your home, property, and peace of mind.... Read More

black widow spiders on a web

A Guide To Black Widow Spider Control For Dallas Property Owners


Spider populations almost always accompany larger pest problems. Some spider infestations are worse than others, like the kind that results in painful bites that require medical attention. Black widows, a common invasive spider variety, can pose greater risks to your health and property than simple house spiders... Read More

mosquitoe biting human skin in the evening

How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Denton?


Germs in our bodies are like sand in clockwork, the smallest defect can make the whole system break down. And some pests, like mosquitoes, spread dangerous pathogens around. Knowing how you can spot and prevent mosquitoes on your property may just save you from the costly consequences of their bites.... Read More

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