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termites on woodn in a home

Getting Your Home Ready For Termite Season In Fort Worth 


Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t wait to see pests before receiving remediation. Many critters are able to enter your Fort Worth home and get settled before you even notice. This means by the time you realize what’s going on, detrimental damage has already been done. Termites are a classic example of this kind of situation.... Read More

bed bugs on a mattress

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Fort Worth Home


What is that reddish-brown speck on your chair? Is it a food stain? Or – yikes! – could it be a bloodstain left by bed bugs? Because of their small size, bed bugs in Fort Worth are notoriously difficult to identify. You won’t need a magnifying glass to spot them, but you’ll probably notice their bites before you lay eyes on the bugs themselves.... Read More

brown norway rat outisde

The Secret To Effective Rat Control For Fort Worth Property Owners


When there are dangerous conditions outside, where does everyone tell you to stay? When you’re asked to help slow the spread of a pandemic, where are you supposed to go? That’s right: home. Your house is supposed to be a safe place, a place you can go even when everywhere else feels a little bit dangerous. When the rest of the world seems busy, hectic, and stressed, home is supposed to provide a place of peace and comfort. However,... Read More

a bed bug crawling in the carpet

Are Bed Bugs In Dallas Dangerous?


It’s not common knowledge that bed bugs pose various medical threats. Continue reading to learn how these insects can impact your health, and what Lonestar Safe Pest can do to get rid of them in Dallas... Read More