a computer set up inside of a home in dallas texas
a female black widow spider in her web

Are The Spiders In Dallas, TX Dangerous?


All spiders have two body regions, eight legs, an exoskeleton, six to eight eyes, fangs, and venom, no matter the species. Their fangs and venom are used once they have captured prey, but only two species in North America are medically dangerous to humans.... Read More

termites on woodn in a home

Getting Your Home Ready For Termite Season In Fort Worth 


Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t wait to see pests before receiving remediation. Many critters are able to enter your Fort Worth home and get settled before you even notice. This means by the time you realize what’s going on, detrimental damage has already been done. Termites are a classic example of this kind of situation.... Read More

bed bugs on a mattress

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Fort Worth Home


What is that reddish-brown speck on your chair? Is it a food stain? Or – yikes! – could it be a bloodstain left by bed bugs? Because of their small size, bed bugs in Fort Worth are notoriously difficult to identify. You won’t need a magnifying glass to spot them, but you’ll probably notice their bites before you lay eyes on the bugs themselves.... Read More

mosquitoe biting human skin in the evening

How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Denton?


Germs in our bodies are like sand in clockwork, the smallest defect can make the whole system break down. And some pests, like mosquitoes, spread dangerous pathogens around. Knowing how you can spot and prevent mosquitoes on your property may just save you from the costly consequences of their bites.... Read More

a red imported fire ant infestation

What The Pest Experts In Frisco Have To Say About Fire Ant Control


If you’re like us, you love Texas for its warmth, sunshine, and hospitality. Residents of Frisco know better than anyone else what our good Texas weather can do for the soul. However, we’re not the only ones enjoying the Texas heat; there’s at least one type of pest that prefers to live here year round. Fire ants.... Read More

mosquito biting on skin

Who Else Wants To Enjoy Their Frisco Yard Without Worrying About Mosquitoes?


It is not an enjoyable act to hit yourself, but if there is even a chance that hitting yourself could result in the death of a mosquito, it is worth it. As we head towards summer here in Frisco, the rate of mosquito encounters will be going up, along with incidences of self slapping. If you would like to enjoy your yard without having to deal with slapping yourself this year, we have some helpful tricks you should try.... Read More